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Piano Blinds® – Vertical Window Blinds!

…for the Sliding Doors in YOUR Home Studio or Music Room!

Piano Blinds®




Are you a music enthusiast? Do you have a musical friend or family member? Do you or any of those you love, own or work at a recording studio or music school?

Piano Blinds® – from The Fiddler, LLC (I know, I know… just a little bit confusing, but is it? Really?) …is a refreshing new choice for covering patio doors or large windows, and with a distinctly musical touch!

This quality product features 3.5’’ smooth PVC slats, which will provide privacy and light control, and add a touch of stylish and musically-themed décor to any room. Blinds come with wand control for easy operation. These blinds are durable and easy to clean, and will create a simple and elegant look on a budget for any home.

Install Time: 20 – 25 minutes

Piano Blinds™ began in the mind of a musician who, upon discovering how drab and plain “normal” window blinds made the room appear, then took matters into his own hands, and transformed the space into a big, splashy, larger-than-life, musical environment. NOW he won’t come out!

Violinist, Alex DePue, painted his first set of Piano Blinds® about thirteen years ago, and is still, seemingly, the only one on God’s green earth to actually own ’em! But we’ll make a set for you, too?? ABSOLUTELY!

Standard Size:  78″ wide, by 84″ tall

Large: 104″ wide, by 84″ tall



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