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Modern Paganini

modern paganini (digital album cover artwork)

modern paganini (digital album cover artwork)


1) Be Our Guest
(Howard Ashman, Alan Menken / arr. A. DePue)

2) Jerusalem Ridge
(Bill Monroe / Kenny Baker – arr. A. DePue)

3) I Missed You
(Michael Kraft) -with Billy Dennison, piano and Andy Lalasis, double bass

4) Eleanor Rigby (Live)
(Lennon-McCartney – arr. DePue / De Hoyos) — with Miguel De Hoyos, guitar

5) Workin’ Man Blues (feat. Rhonda Vincent) (Merle Haggard – arr. A. DePue) -with John Carroll, elec. guitar

6) Libertango
(Astor Piazzolla – arr. DePue / De Hoyos) – with Miguel De Hoyos, guitar

7) Chop Block (A. DePue)

8) Presto (Sonata No.1 in Gm) (J.S. Bach)

9) Moondance
(Van Morrison – arr. A. DePue)

10) Sunshine (feat. Jenn Grinels) (Jimmie Davis / Charles Mitchell – arr. A. DePue) -with Sam Johnson, double bass

11) Bonaparte’s Retreat
(trad. – arr. A. DePue based on version by Emerson, Lake, Palmer) -with Josue Hidalgo, drums

12) Separate Ways
(Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry – arr. A. DePue)

13) La Sexta Estancia
(DePue / De Hoyos) – with Miguel De Hoyos, guitar

14) We Built This City
(Dennis Lambert, Peter F. Wolf, Martin George Page, Bernard J.P. – arr. A. DePue) – with Mike Pope, elec. bass

15) Bee (L’Abeille) (Francois Schubert)

16) Girl Of My Every Dream
(A. DePue) – with Brian Wooten, elec. guitar

17) Ants Marching
(David J. Matthews – arr. A. DePue) -with Mike Pope, elec. bass

*Alex DePue plays all instruments heard, except where otherwise indicated. Special thanks to Thomastik-Dominant violin strings:  Mr. DePue uses Glasser Bows.

Recorded at OVNI Studios, Ensenada, MX

Special Thanks: Rhonda Vincent, Jenn Grinels, Pavel Cortez, Josue Hidalgo, Miguel De Hoyos, Sam Johnson, Mike Pope, Brian Wooten, John Carroll, Billy Dennison, Michael Kraft, Robert Wright, Jorge Cortina, Jeff Levin, Denise Levy, Andrew Glasser, Stuart Barr, Nancy Fernelius-Thornhill, Zachary DePue, Jason DePue, Wallace DePue, Jr., Wallace DePue, Sr., Don Liuzzi, Steve Vai, Terri Long, Patty Long, Shona Parker, Katherine Iskrant, Brent Patterson, Peter Marsh, and Joy Hartwell



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