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The Fiddler’s Forum – Season 1, Ep5. # “Top Music Critic interviews DePue/DeHoyos”

A photo featuring George Varga in the top left corner, with the words "San Diego's Top Music Critic sits down with International Duo Spectacular, DePue DeHoyos" with a photo of Alex and Miguel in the bottom right section of the frame. The Show Title "Fill in the Blank" is written next to them.

Cover image for the podcast interview with Alex DePue and Miguel DeHoyos, by top music critic George Varga

On today’s Episode #5 of DePue’s podcast, “The Fiddler’s Forum”, we play the entire interview with music critic of The San Diego Union-Tribune, George Varga. It is with exclusive permission from Mr. Varga, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, we are able to bring you this broadcast. Special thanks to Christopher Richards for making us possible. Episode #5, “Fill In The Blank”, with George Varga, features DePue’s musical counterpart (as well as live performances), Miguel De Hoyos, flamenco guitarist, from just after the release of debut album, “Underground Whispers”. With De Hoyos, the duo has performed together all over the world, including the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

S U P P O R T V I A P A Y P A L ➔

F A C E B O O K ➔

I N S T A G R A M ➔

R E V E R B N A T I O N ➔

T W I T T E R ➔

P A T R E O N ➔

T I K T O K ➔

L I N K E D I N ➔

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