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The Fiddler’s Forum – Season 1, Ep. 02 “The Pinky Exercise”

The Fiddler’s Forum (Podcast) – Season 1, Ep. 02 – DIY Violin! “The Pinky Exercise” Tutorial

For THIS one, you will need to have in your hands, your favorite violin! We will explore an area of technique development often found deficient within the overall technique for many violinists, from the beginner, and believe it or not… all the way into the realm of those professional violinists, sustaining their living as such.

As violinists passionate about what we do, this area of progress and growth on the instrument, is VITAL for your own independent success!

By the end of this workout, assuming you follow the rules, and play along with the tutorial, you WILL FEEL THE BURN. You will feel the muscular strengthening of that bulbous part, at the base of your left pinky, which dictates whether or not you will obtain the strength needed to implement a nice, curved pinky, each time it lands on you fingerboard.

There’s no easy way out… oh, wait. Yes there is?!

It is by following along with this video! One week, with this at the top of your practice routine? And then YOU will be the proud owner of a new and improved, STRENGTHENED left pinky! Essential for correct technique, which enables the student / player, consistency, accuracy, and dependable pinky prowess!

Just watch and listen the first time, from beginning to end. Then, and for the next week of your own private pinky training, begin the video / podcast at 12:20 in. From there, and for a good WEEK, play along with the video, giving 100% effort at keeping up all the way through, and by the end of the week? NEW VIOLINIST. (You)!

I want to hear the success stories which are inevitable should you follow these directions for that one week of intense and laborious focus on that muscle. It will tire, you will feel the burn… let that muscle repair itself, and then go right back at it!

Start with the “easy” string, (the e-string) and, along with proper adjustment with each new string, from the effort of the left elbow, allow each progression to challenge you further, while conquering each step of the process along the way.

Remember, know when to walk away! Leave each practice session feeling like the superhero you ARE, vs. waiting for too long, mixing up your personal mood to the point of that feeling of defeat before putting the violin back in its case.

Instead, CELEBRATE the VICTORIES, and then begin one step back from where you ended your practice the day before, and conquer on that new day? NEW GROUND!

Go git’em.

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