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Podcast #01; Modern “Paganini” & How it Happened, Steve Vai, Rhonda Vincent, Merle Haggard, JS Bach, and Much Much MORE!

(90 mins)
HEY! …gettin’ ready to go LIVE here at @OVNI Studios to introduce a brand new video of the Bach Partita #3, in its entirety, along with some question/answer kinda deal, starting as soon as we can assemble those necessary pieces for sending along audio and video, using the tools provided for such a thing… a “broadcast”, if you will?
And it is with the help of she, who is behind these scenes here at The Fiddler LLC, Miss Aria Noelle Curzon, as to how we’re able to do this at all! Tune in! About one hour from now, I’m aaaaall yours. SO much news to communicate!
Video is Self-explanatory. (Self? What the !@#$*&^%?)

*This Podcast premiered LIVE on March 11th, 2021. Alex runs the gamut of topics from his time working with Steve Vai, and Rhonda Vincent, to his deep, unalterable love for classical music, which is presented in his most recent recording of Bach’s Partita No. 3, premiering in this podcast. He talks teaching, his latest collaboration with violinist Aria Stiles on the transcription for his newest sheet music release (Journey, y’all!) , and whether this arrangement qualifies as “Paganini level”. Also, he touches upon which experience (in ITALY) led him to be brave enough to title his latest album “Modern Paganini”*

Watch now, to catch up with all the latest from Alex DePue – Violin!Get to know American violinist, @Alex DePue – Violin, on a more than personal level, as he begins a new podcast, designed for violinists and fiddlers alike… any string players, really, and now that we’re thinkin’ about it? We’re talkin’ about musicians and music APPRECIATORS worldwide, with the series launch of (Season 1): “The Fiddler’s Forum (podcast) – Episode One – DePue Record “Modern Paganini”, How The Title Happened, the World Tour With@SteveVaiHimself , @Official Channel RHONDA VINCENT. @Merle Haggard , & @J.S.Bach “.

Just think for a moment about this title. Merely combining those names, and then packaged into one episode of a new series of episodes, certainly as eclectic as this first one… it’s unprecedented behavior in the name of entertainment! It requires a rare breed of music appreciators to even dig, initially, what is the concept for this new-form kind of podcast. “The Fiddler’s Forum”, a new kind of podcast presented to you by The Fiddler, LLC, a California based company, under which DePue conducts all of his “business” affairs, including (but not limited to) the likes of “in-house” record company, Spontaneous Records, the recording studio itself, OVNI Studios, and also his, again, “in-house” publishing company, “Compulsive Fiddler”, which resulted from having been under the professional care, and in the band three years, for legendary guitarist Steve Vai (2007 – 2010).

Under the same umbrella (The Fiddler LLC), Alex DePue has recorded, and continues to also perform, with yet another guitar legend, best known in his native land of Mexico, a flamenco guitarrista Señor Miguel De Hoyos. Together they produce a sound yet unmatched in today’s world of musics, and often referred to as “DePue De Hoyos”. It is an organic combination of distinctively different musical tastes and thus, cultures. The result? DePue explains; “Take the twisted, rocked-out acoustic violin sound you know already, and then super-impose that on top of this native, organically authentic, Mexican groove from De Hoyos, and then we’ve all got somethin’ new to talk about! I’m currently re-mastering our best-seller worldwide, the debut album for the duo, called “Underground Whispers”, and havin’ a blast doin’ it.”

With our first, “pilot episode” of The Fiddler’s Forum, DePue hosts the show solo, and includes what we should call, “Stories From The Road”… content you can count on finding nowhere else! For YOU, the music lover, we will enjoy the “long-form” episodes like this, the first of its kind, “The Fiddler’s Forum (podcast) – Seas.1, Ep. #01 – Modern Paganini, Steve Vai, The Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent, Merle Haggard, & JS Bach”, along with other episodes which will be designed for the actual players (tutorials where having a violin in hand will serve ya best)… but not only for violinists: For most musicians, DePue’s podcast will prove to be beneficial from having only heard the content. But our goal is to introduce for you implementation of some older musical concepts, tried and true in origin, but then to apply them for what is our current “norm” in the year 2021, globally. But wait… and let’s just think for a moment, exactly what is being said to the world through the title of the podcast, alone.

Just imagine… the combination of the names,all seen within the same Subject Line… the SAME TITLE? We now know already, DePue is tapping into unprecedented territory. With the launch of the new podcast, we aim to please EVERYONE, as per the norm for The Fiddler LLC, and invite you to come along for the ride, getting in on the ground floor, and BLAMMY! If you end up enjoying the episode as much as we think you will? Please like, share, and of course, SUBSCRIBE to the channel! We will keep these comin’ for as long as you will continue to listen! We have also, ways to contribute to being sure this becomes our reality, and several ways are listed below. With that, I hope you do enjoy the pilot episode for what will soon catch on (promise!) and become known as that hour each week ya simply can’t live without… The Fiddler’s Forum !


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