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The Fiddler Opens for Classic Rock Band, Jefferson Starship

Live! At The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY MAY 10th & 11th!!


“Violinist Alex DePue will open the shows for Jefferson Starship, performing a 30-minute set consisting of what he calls a “series of miracles” from one feat to the next, through use of what is called a “loop station”. Beginning with the first instrument to be recorded live and in front of the audience, DePue’s freshly recorded track continues to be heard by the audience, while he adds the next instrument (on top of what was laid down initially) until the audience begins to realize a full-on rock band coming from just one person, one instrument, and in this case… just one lil’ ol’ violin.

From Led Zeppelin, all the way to perhaps the reason DePue was asked to perform for these shows, his set will also include his also viral solo violin arrangement of, “We Built This City” (originally recorded by Jefferson Starship). Included in this set, “the most comprehensive violin show ever in the history of solo violin performance”, he is also planning to perform the work that went viral via Youtube in 2006, DePue’s original arrangement of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by YES, morphing into Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. It was that viral video which helped to gain for Alex DePue an invitation to audition, and then his subsequent win of the position, for a world tour with legendary guitarist, Steve Vai from 2007 through 2010, thus maintaining DePue’s status now known worldwide, as “Today’s Paganini”.


Classically trained violinist Alex DePue landed his first major rock star gig via a YouTube video featuring DePue’s arrangement of a Yes tune, “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” which has so-far scored over a half million views.

Guitarist Steve Vai caught the DePue video, made contact, and auditioned him. “I was auditioning violin players and I was petrified,” says Vai. “I was scared to death, when they started coming down, because nobody could play. I mean, there were these guys, these folks that could really shred. I mean they could play really fast and do all this stuff, but none of them had really good intonation or really understood the nuances of making a piece of music really sound like music. I started to think that my expectations were really unrealistic.”

“But then Alex DePue showed up, and I remember falling to my knees and thanking God. This guy just nailed it. I mean some guys are just gifted and, when he started to play, I heard his intonation and his ability to hear what I was doing and to respond to it, playing extremely difficult things with ease, and also playing light stuff.”

DePue began touring and recording with Steve Vai in 2007, as well as with Miguel De Hoyos, Joe Satriani, and others. He has multiple National fiddle championship titles under his belt, including the 2010 Judges Award and the 2011 Audience Award.

Alex and his brothers Wallace, Jason, and Zachary, play together in the DePue Brothers Band, which has released albums and recorded for NFL Films. “All are accomplished violinists, employed with major orchestras,” says DePue. “We began our careers together.”

In late 2017, DePue shot a music video in Nashville with singer and multi-instrumentalist Rhonda Vincent, who played on his track “The Queen of Bluegrass,” planned for his upcoming solo album, Modern Paganini.

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