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Single Release, “Time After Time” (Cyndi Lauper)


The Fiddler Releases “Time After Time” – (Cyndi Lauper) for Violin and Acoustic Rock Band


“And so it goes, that the title becomes quite appropriate, as I had to mix this “Time After Time” until it was finally done! Many thank yous to my brother Jason for hearing sometimes that which I cannot, and thus helping to produce a track which is utterly flawless. (sniff) As a matter of fact, it’s SO good, that we’ll not be posting anywhere else for free. lol 


This one’s gonna have value at under one dollar, and will make your world a better place, orrrrrr…. your MONEY BACK! lol

If that does not become true for you, and your world is not that much more beautiful, I will refund your ninety-nine cents, and we’ll just agree to disagree. lol


I know you will enjoy it. Below is a little teaser… this is one minute from the 3:20 production, and will make a fine addition to your new music from the underground fiddler collection.

The tune began for me as an acoustic guitar solo, believe it or not. Without all of the production, the guitar parts are really pretty when heard on all three parts (VERSE/CHORUS/BRIDGE). Soon I will release a video playing just that… but for now we have the finished version, and the guitars are still quite prominent! The drums were called finished after just the one pass while Aria engineered downstairs… and then the elec. bass – that’s the moment many producers look forward to. After your building blocks are in place, and you’ve got stable drums along with edited and polished guitar tracks, then comes that ooooone night ya get to have, focused on performing the electric bass. As the night goes on, maybe after beer three, things start gettin’ REAL serious, and then the next morning I got to shower up, come back down and review what happened! This is the same process I’ve used for tracking elec. bass throughout this decade of owning my own recording studio.

I especially enjoyed that night when tracking the bass for this tune… even the strings (violins/viola) were finished, so whenever ya turn up this mix and play along on the bass, it becomes such an ethereal experience… I enjoy that frequency so much, that sometimes I wish we could just forget about the fiddle, and from here on out, focus on the elec. bass professionally, forevermore! lol  But I’m being so serious right now… I know!

Speaking of fiddle, there are maybe four violin tracks heard here, though mostly they are masked to sound as one. I’ve included one viola, tracked in one pass, and the other string parts just happened whenever I pushed the red button down here… I think they came off perfectly. Perhaps someday someone might want to write it all down and transcribe the parts. I just have not that kind of time. 


Time After Time, and thank you to Cyndi Lauper for making this tune stick into my thick skull all throughout life! I cannot help but to hear this song in its entirety, in my head at all times, and WITH Cyndi’s vocal… so… here’s my answer to her LIFETIME of inspiration. And I don’t care whomever tries to sing this as the decades tick on… there’s only one voice that will ever matter, and that IS, in this case, the original version, as heard by none other than Cyndi Lauper! lol So don’t try! Other singers! Not even on karaoke night. Just don’t do it. lol


So… the instrumental version, here… this is the one! Pretend it’s a roller-coaster ride as you listen from beginning to end, and then you’ll experience the mix as I often do.

Jason, I know you enjoy these hits from the 80’s every bit as much as I do. Thank you for lending your ears to the project.


Much love, y’all. 

-The Fiddler”

(Click here for sample)

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