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The Fiddler LLC With Three Different Acts for YOUR Venue

Alex DePue | October 6, 2019


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Hi! 🙂

We’re pitching musical acts to our beloved US booking agents. Right now, it’s a Violin Extravaganza! A Fiddle Fest… Call it, “The Greatest Fiddle Show in the World”! We will provide to you an arsenal of media so that you may soon boldly state this very same claim, and do so with the utmost confidence!

I am owner and also the main Artist being promoted through use of my own California based company, established in 2010, “The Fiddler LLC”.

My name is Alex DePue, and I have been playing the violin for 42 years.

And even while hiding behind this moniker while trying to promote myself shamelessly? (Someone’s gotta do it?) Seemingly everyone still knows it’s me! …all of these valiant claims in print I’m obviously being forced to make? (tsk) It’s embarrassing!

I would much rather focus my efforts elsewhere now, perhaps on the MUSIC instead, and find a good publicist for these NECESSARY tasks! Also, we need a wonderful booking agency. Can you help us?

I sure would love to practice the violin again! Plus I see that you’re exactly the right fit for what we do, assuming you won’t mind pushing the boundaries just a bit. We’re perfect for any Pops series, and can always pull up a quick movement from pretty much any violin concerto to play with orchestra, followed by a full set of improv. How does that sound? Maybe we come back and perform the encore using parts from our own library? I hear that Dr. Wallace DePue’s (Dad) “The Fiddler’s Fare” is a show-stopper!

Much of my solo repertoire has been arranged and orchestrated, too. Original scores with parts for each orchestra section are ready to print, and include nothing BUT show-stoppers.

(You’ll notice I say “we” a lot, and that is because I am recently engaged to the girl of my dreams! But now I feel more strongly than ever that the time for me to MOVE as an Artist… the time for ACTION… is NOW! I’ve reached a crossroad in life. I need to at least put my dream on out there into the world, and ask for what it is I truly want… pray for stability, and pray for the universe to return my appeal as a solo Artist favorably…  OR… go ahead on into the audition circuit with every expectation in landing a stable “JOB” with a fine orchestra… and I gotta tell ya, that’s also very attractive to me at this point in life. That final decision is really gonna come down to YOU, the DePue FAN.

So please, and on that note, consider this a personal introduction for all of you at booking agencies far and wide… Meet our list of ready-to-book acts! And if YOU are not a booking agency? Please forward to one! You pick. Simply forward this along, and we’ll be grateful.

This is the current roster of acts here at The Fiddler LLC which are road-ready right NOW for launching, booking, routing, traveling, and performing in the US and abroad.

Please also know that we have many other incredible Artists here just waiting for the world to simply lend its ears. Many of our Artists under the LLC’s umbrella are also US-based, and even more importantly (at least to me) SO deserving of professional representation, I often get the heart-ache just thinking about.

In garnering your interest, and in return for your consideration, for now we offer three uniquely different acts (completely different instrumentation and repertoire for each) and very proud to report that all three of these self-contained shows are unlike any other you have ever experienced thus far, this lifetime.

Now we realize that IS an exciting claim, and will always be happy to back it up for you. Just see this message through to the end!

Of course, we have seen what else is out there, our “competition”, *cough* and while successfully appealing to audiences with their usual and very predictable glorified MUZAK, along with very ”pretty” stage production (grandiose LED screens, fog machines and laser lights), we instead prefer to treat our audiences with more respect.

OUR focus is more the musical experience… it is more the organic authenticity to that music… and it is more the intense musical journey concert-goers will embark upon as we hit the stage… an intimate and personal musical interaction which is raw, engaging, and REAL.

No matter for us whether in front of a packed auditorium with thousands of people, or the living room of an endearing host, we make sure every audience member leaves our shows feeling as though they were each an intricate part of our musical meeting, helping us with their very-much needed set of ears… in long, the more personable way we love to present this wonderful music is really what sets us apart from the “fake news”.

Each of the three acts are high-energy productions, but woven throughout with soaring melodies, too… audience favorites we all know and love, like

The Phantom of the Opera, for example. Our shows project considerable emotional power, but without all the “try” described above. It’s all just…THERE, right out of the gate from the first downbeat until the last standing ovation, and that does include every single audience for whom the duo has ever performed. And hey, if there just happens to be some smoke on the stage? We welcome it!

We welcome all of it because the SUBSTANCE of the show… the “main course”, if you will, underneath all of the fluff, demands (and demonstrates) the level of musical excellence toward which we strive, on a daily basis, as performing artists.

Our live shows do evoke emotional impact from those who witness it. We traverse that entire spectrum of feelings as it is realized and absorbed by the listener, each selection designed (original arrangements), programmed, articulated, performed, and felt. With PURPOSE… with an overarching SHAPE.

…and with regard to musical genres, these shows are always quite eclectic, too. Everything from Bach to Rock… also plenty of jazz, bluegrass, and swing are intertwined, and of course, we do also touch upon some of the more cliche expectations from any “fiddle” FAN in the audience, just to “seal the deal” as to whom will be most pleased by the end of the evening. And that answer is, always…EVERYONE. EVERYONE is most pleased!

(I was fortunate enough to have toured for three years with legendary rock guitarist Steve Vai (a rigorously challenging and immensely rewarding rock gig), and prior to that, I was the musical director/fiddler for country singer Chris Cagle from 2000-2006. I’ve also had some luck in the bluegrass fiddle competition world, too, and won two national championships for traditional old-time fiddling. At one point 1999-2000, I was carrying around State Fiddling Championship titles from FIVE STATES at the SAME TIME (that did include California)! So, “can” we perform ALL styles of fiddling and violining? Yes, but not only that… we’re also the best at it.)

So here goes:

ACT I – a duo, “Alex DePue with Miguel De Hoyos

This act features my own trusty twisted American acoustic multilingual violin, along with Mexican musical counterpart, flamenco guitarist Miguel De Hoyos, backing that fiddle up with his own contagiously rhythmic Latin drive.

You will find hours of entertainment from the duo at YouTube, and I’ll start you off with this link, which certainly does give a fine representation as to what is our sound. “Alex DePue with Miguel De Hoyos”… or “DePue/De Hoyos”… or,  we went with “Twisted Strings” once for a tour. (Our names are so difficult to pronounce, let alone remember… I’m fine calling the act “Fish in a Bucket” if need be! Just as long as folks remember. 🙂  Anyway, here is our 70’s medley, “Stairway to California”.

(This video begins with another fun facet from the land of “entertainment” which comes quite naturally to me after being a professional performer since 1979… yes, the “comedic element”. To me, the sound of over 100 people laughing in unison to my punch line, is just as addictive as the adrenaline rush often felt as thousands of people pop up out of their chairs in celebration, cheering after a good encore… it’s addictive!)



We will perform anywhere in the world, and were honored in 2016 to have been invited guests for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the global launch of “ArtsGames”, a concerted effort toward bringing back the Performing Arts into the International spotlight once again, in accordance with the Olympics’ founders.

(The Arts quietly disappeared from the Olympics in 1946 (if memory serves) in favor for more focus on the athletic competitions, of course.)

It was an honor just to be present… and I would have been happy with just that much. But to have been invited (out of the clear blue sky), and perform as special guests for what will now be an historical event? Forever marked in the future textbooks for our children? We’ll never forget it.

The duo has, since, been performing in the US consistently, albeit not regularly, since 2007. We had several successful tours in the United States, and have yet to exit any stage with anything less than a standing ovation, and our average in that department, “Standing Ovations” is about four per show. We often have no choice but to leave the audience in utter chaos.

Because the duo is comprised of only two players, our “honorarium” for any one, lonely, isolated date in the US will be found to be delightfully low, especially when compared to the cost most other acts charge, and even lower, of course, when strategic planning/routing works out in favor for convenient touring. We’re easy to load in, sound check, and load out. We send only one 1/4 inch input to the House and BLAMMY, sound check is over and your crew breaks for an early dinner.

Here is footage from our rehearsal (communal dressing room) at the Olympics in Rio:

…and here is a final live performance of this short original arrangement of Mozart’s,“Rondo Alla Turca”.

…yet another live performance video from last year’s Mainly Mozart Festival Gala Celebration / Fund Raiser in San Diego, CA.


That video gives the viewer a fabulous glimpse as to what level of elegance can be added to any event… by simply hiring the BEST. We’re only an invitation away. Here we are breaking the world record for the fastest “Flight of the Bumblebee” in the world.




What we represent musically on stage is the marriage of two distinctly different cultures and musics while removing, if only for just an evening, any kind of “wall”, or divisiveness of any kind. We rather promote inclusiveness, and happy to lead that charge through musical example alone.




“Where class and sophistication meets rock n roll sensibility.”

  Philadelphia Inquirer

(I really liked that one.)

More press quotes:

“Alex DePue is described as one of the leading improv violinists of his generation, with legendary prowess in bluegrass, rock, classical, and jazz/blues…”

-Kansas-City Tribune

“The horsehair on his bow starts to fray from the friction. Sweat runs into his long hair, which is pulled back into a ponytail. He kicks up his leg, marking the end of the tune. The audience delivers a standing ovation — his third of the week.”


(I’ve since cut the hair…)

“The virtuoso for excellence in history was Paganini. If he were born today, it would be Alex DePue.”  (trans. from Italian)

LA7 TV – Rome, Italy (Apr 01, 2008)

“You just must take the time to see them, because you’re not likely to see (or hear) anything like it again.”

-Jane Moore, Daily Globe (Worthington, MN)

“I’ve seen the great guitar players up close and in person: Santana, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan… Miguel De Hoyos is among these greats…”

– Steve Dryden, Baja Breeze –  B.C.N., MX



Because of the specific violin techniques I’ve either invented, or simply responsible for having learned or maintained over decades playing the instrument, “Alex DePue with Miguel De Hoyos” is quite easy for the listener to hear as a full-band, especially with eyes closed. We make a lot of noise for two guys playing violin and guitar!

Here is a sample of that phenomenon:

Interestingly, and after all of the classical training, my “niche” as a violinist exists for having been mildly recognized, instead, for my chopping technique. It IS rather unique, I must confess… but even more so, my solo violin arrangements of pop radio hits really made their mark online, quickly going viral. And I DO emphasize this chopping technique, sure, but also while keeping intact three more of music’s vital components all at the same time…

Specifically, those elements (added to the ongoing “rhythm” in the form of chopping) are:

  1. bass
  2. melody
  3. harmony

All of this with just a block of wood and four strings attached!



Since all three of our “ready to book just add water” acts make use of these personal musical qualities (what has evolved and progressed into becoming my own unique “sound” as a violinist), the subject makes for a  perfect segue into the description of Act II.

ACT II – “The Fiddler – Alex DePue” -solo violin show without band  – (in third person because I just… can’t…)

Alex DePue is on stage for the entire show, unless maybe there is a Special Guest any particular night, and that could be pretty much anyone you can imagine. It all just depends on the location (and availability, of course, of the many celebrities with whom Mr. DePue has worked).

He performs everything from Bach to Boston, and incorporates use of what is called a “looper”. In short, he will perform and record a track LIVE in front of the audience, then hit a switch with his foot, and while what was just witnessed and recorded repeats, he overdubs the next part, and the next part, until the audience gets to realize full construction of one of their favorite songs from the 80’s… or 90’s… or maybe a Mozart Symphony? lol

Like this…


Here is another sample (35 secs) of what one can expect to experience as an audience member for “The Fiddler – Alex DePue”. He calls it, “Stunt Violin”.

For good measure here, we include his YouTube “hit”:

Alex DePue’s solo show includes use of “backing tracks” which he recorded himself. About 20% of this solo show uses this method of performing, but the whole concept, for DePue, has been perfected in such a way that the listener quickly forgets this soloist is performing with pre-recorded tracks… opting instead to appreciate the blistering violin / fiddle pyrotechnics happening on the stage while doing so. Plus, his original works are quite stirring.

Most of DePue’s recordings include some rock compositions for full band, and in this setting we get to imagine that the guy in front of us, playing the VIOLIN, is also adapting to each of the other instruments we’re hearing at the same time. His pre-recorded accompaniment is only still just him, though.

From the drums, piano, elec. bass, mandolin and guitar, all the way to the bowed string parts, of course, it was all pre-recorded by the same fiddler, so it does make perfect sense for an Artist capable of such feats to perform in such fashion. It’s a trip.

The whole thing is a spectacle to behold. What footage we have of this so far is only rehearsal footage… The Fiddler, wearing pajamas in the comfort of his own home, was sneakily caught via video by his fiancée, and here we finally have some of this new material ready to share! lol  Listen closely and you’ll hear a snippet of the famed Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, now arranged for full-blown rock band!

ACT III – We have also a currently evolving show which DOES feature a full band, still with emphasis on my own compositions and arrangements featuring the violin. It  could be titled similarly… “Violin Magic”… “Twisted Violin”… maybe simply, “The Fiddler – Alex DePue”? …but it’s turning into one powerful production. We rehearse as a team regularly, and I’m only just waiting for an opportunity to unleash this act up North.

The musicians already know the charts, and we have been tirelessly rehearsing with the Director of Music at University of Ensenada (Mexico) on piano… point being, we’re ready to go, all with Passports and working Visas for Int’l travel.

So, as one might expect to hear from our description of Act II, now you can imagine Act III very easily. SEE it happen with all of the musical instrumentation heard within DePue’s recordings, but now with live, somewhat human, and warm bodies on the same stage, actually playing the parts! Act III is our most expensive package, of course, but the BANG any presenter will gain out of THIS buck, is one that will be remembered for the rest of time by all who are lucky enough to attend.

I will post here the first of a three-part series on YouTube called, “Music From the Underground”, filmed down in the Baja of Mexico… and leave it to you, the reader of this blog, to navigate your way through the rest of this incredible show.

For the immediate future, this month I’m very much looking forward to performing a rarely heard violin concerto written by Felix Mendelssohn, this one in D minor… everyone knows about the one in E minor! But not so many (even violinists) are even aware that Mendelssohn wrote yet another violin concerto, before he did the more popular one, by age 12.

I’ll be soloing with two different orchestras this month in Oregon… The Umpqua Chamber Orchestra, and also The Southwest Oregon Symphony, performing “Violin Concerto No. 1 in Dm” by Mendelssohn under the direction of Dr. Jason Heald. Of course, I’ll be doing a set of “lighter” material during each second half of those shows, featuring all of these works I’ve posted here within this message. Look for those new dates in the tour schedule (DO THIS NOW), and I will look forward to seeing you there!

After our performances together in 2017 of the Bach Violin Concerto in Am, we have been called back (popular demand, ya know, lol) to begin a new series up there in Oregon, this time featuring the Mendelssohn in Dm. Here are all of the other violin concertos I can whip into shape with little more than a month of prep… ready?

ALL of ‘em.

You say it, I play it.

Much love from your Fiddler,

-Alex DePue



P.S. – “We” have ramped up the website to spit out our news muuuuch faster than you remember, perhaps! Have a look, and please do let us know what needs to improve over there, aside from the violin playing. <3




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