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DePue Family Musicians Morph Into DePue Brothers


YES, Right before your very eyes, we can witness The DePue Family Musicians, aptly named by father (left) Wallace DePue, Sr. 


With him are his three (of four) violin-sawing sons, Alex DePue, Jason DePue, and the oldest brother, Wallace DePue, Jr.

These kids had no idea what the future held for each of them musically… but they were figuring a lot out as to what they might make of those talents bestowed upon ’em. In the next shot, we see the brothers without Dad, and somehow they seem happier! haha


“We all love Dad, but I could hardly wait to rip that guitar away from ‘his hands, and back up this level of fiddle power to add some UMMPH to the DePue sound… ” – Alex DePue



These guys had no idea the future ahead of ’em.

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