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1.Deserving Student Tuition – Far too often, I encounter overwhelmingly talented students who show promise for becoming outstanding violinists while under my direction, yet, without any support at all in their corner for serious and continued violin study. It is a sad story when any potential candidate for success, simply cannot continue with well-deserved lessons because of nothing more than lack of funding. With YOUR help, we need not ever see that promising young student leave my studio! Donate NOW to mentor, with the care needed for students who DO their homework, and help them to progress at the level demanded by Yours Truly; their mean and nasty, even GRUMPY old teacher! We need YOU in this department of life, as there are times when I reluctantly have no other choice but to close the door due to time, and that should NEVER be the case, especially when obvious talent is involved. See to it these students receive the care they deserve, and in return, we will share with YOU exactly who your elected student IS, and put you in touch with them directly. So that you may hear straight from the source as to exactly how your generosity positively affects their musical lives, will certainly give ample clarity as to exactly what it is we do here at The Fiddler LLC! Thank you for your consideration on this, and we look forward to sending YOU a very talented new friend! (Students pay either $90 per session, or $320 per month, should they pay for each month in advance and save $40.).

2. “Tooned In” – with Aria Noelle Curzon. An exciting and new broadcast series soon to happen from right here at OVNI Studios! For startup costs, securing talent, and general studio maintenance, we can direct your funding toward this inevitably successful venture, and YOU know, as I do, that anything this Hollywood-born actress does, quickly turns into pure gold. We know you agree, and invite you to be on board with Aria from the ground floor as one of the primary investors for “Toon In” – with your host, Aria Noelle Curzon.

3. OVNI Studios – general maintenance. It’s a living hell trying to keep up with all the updates necessary in achieving what is ALWAYS the latest AND greatest as it comes to you daily, from right here at OVNI Studios. Join the team of those who recognize “GREAT”, and support nothing less with your pocketbook. In exchange, we’ll add YOUR name to the growing list of those who get behind the quality content for which we’re already quite well-known. Donate today, and then watch as your own name appears within the scrolling credits section of each video or series we produce here at the OVNI. Thank you for you consideration!

4. Compulsive Fiddler Publishing – What it takes to maintain one’s catalog, especially when much of it is original content. Wow… the hours involved, just keeping the COMPANY sane, never mind its owner. lol If you have enjoyed listening to my music, we will know that it is HERE you’re interested most, and I thank you for caring. We’re just now beginning to integrate this Publishing Company and its content, with a more International platform, so as to begin tracking those listeners found in the other regions of the world who also enjoy the music… music found only right here, ladies and gents, at The Fiddler LLC! And that brings us to our final category for finding reason to prompt your support…

5.Spontaneous Records – Our “in-house” record label here at OVNI Studios, Spontaneous Records, is responsible for each original release, both for our main Artist (he plays the fiddle), and also many of our clients, too. The days when Sony Records owned everything good (Michael Jackson’s label, for example, and he DID complain) are OVER. We believe that Spontaneous Records is exactly that good, even BETTER, because, well, for example; Sony does not carry ANY Alex DePue albums! For that reason alone, along with what it takes to market and advertise our growing catalog of Artists? We need YOU. Do you own Spontaneous Records releases? If you’re reading THIS, most likely, ya DO! Record labels and Money should be synonyms whenever looking to the dictionary for help on the subject… as it takes MASSIVE amounts of hard, cold, cash, just to get ears to hear what it is we’re producing here at The Fiddler LLC and those subsidiaries which live under our umbrella. When you DO hear the newest releases, including many genres, mind you (our next, latest effort soon to be released worldwide features our Christian Contemporary Artist, Mr. Danny Allen Fernelius… another one coming soon will feature Hollywood actress, Aria Noelle Curzon), we think you’ll “get it” as the listeners and music fans you are. Record Labels = Money. And this presents yet one more facet, yet one more reason as to why your support? It literally means the WORLD to us. Your support is more important now, than ever before, because OUR world? WE live in the world created through The Fiddler, LLC (a California company) and we’re quite happy about it! But… and to continue bringing to you world-class music and entertainment? We invite you to simply hit that button, and give whatever you can. “Any Amount” does mean exactly that, even if we’re talking about CENTS. Very soon, you will see with your own eyes how much every effort you make is appreciated, as your own name crosses the television screen, having supported the BEST entertainment of our generation… right here, at The Fiddler LLC. Thank you in advance, and while we wait?

Let’s hear how I became known, moderately at first, but soon with Gold Record in hand, as today’s “Modern Paganini”… why, it was just another night in Rome, Italy on tour with the greatest guitarist the world has ever known (Steve Vai), when suddenly, as I was dressing for the show? THIS happened on the television in my hotel room, just another broadcast on Rome’s local station, La7…

“…and if our beloved Paganini were born once again on THIS day? Perhaps his name would be Alex DePue, because on this night, (July 16th, 2007) he will be exactly that! For us, and for all of Italy! Alex DePue, Violinist of the new age!” -La7, Rome Italy

***Remember, any potential violin student receives the first lesson with Mr. DePue completely free of any charge. If both parties deem it to be a good fit, then discussion becomes open as to how best to continue. The student may, at that point, simply run for the hills, along with the knowledge gained, so at the very least? You should book your lesson! If you decide not to return, there are absolutely no strings attached (pardon the pun) and you are that much wiser from the experience. A FREE LESSON with DePue? Email [email protected] and claim your free session TODAY.


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    Alex DePue - Violin

    Podcast #0001 - Modern "Paganini", How It Happened, Rhonda Vincent, Steve Vai, and J.S. Bach

    Here we examine the NOW and WOW of what's left of the Music Production and Performance world, with regard to all aspects of what we deem Entertainment these days, as a whole! Our hope is to keep YOU right on the edge of your seat throughout each episode, along with a progressively deeper understanding as to what it takes to just survive in our NEW WORLD! Join us for each irregularly scheduled broadcast, and be ready when the bell tolls for thee! Tune in whenever you're able to catch us!

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