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The Fiddler’s Forum – Season 1, Ep. 04 – Sermon For Our Youth

Alex DePue | April 29, 2021

This week at The Fiddler’s Forum, with American Violinist Alex DePue:

This week, Alex is faced with possible cessation from two students (brother/sister) who are getting ridiculed and jabbed at their public school, for playing music, and taking what they’re quite good at already, to the NEXT level… because the NEXT level WOULD BE where each becomes encouraged to share their talents with others through what we call, “performance”.

We quote The Fiddler as he gears up for release of this Episode of TFF…

“Nothing has changed since I went to public high school, my damn self! They are the jealous-type narcissistic teens with only the narrow focus in life being fed to them 24/7 via “acceptable societal means”, to the point that, if and when anyone with a DIFFERENT idea should surface? with something NEW to say, musically OR spiritually, OR even… @#$%, ESPECIALLY politically? Well, we can’t have THAT.

Just LOOK at that nerd… look at that “sissy” carrying the violin case! I wish you all knew what kind of angst that notion brings to my being… to my person… my SOUL… it brings about the kind of rage no longer allowed to become seen, let alone unleashed, even if and when feeling a degree of freedom from behind a hot mic!

Ya see, we’re not allowed to even voice our own opinions on such matters as these I’m sharing with you anymore, and mind you… I’m going waaaay out on a limb to do so. I’m putting my business, my career, and everything I STAND FOR as an American, and in this case, as the AMERICAN MUSICIAN I AM… ALL on the line. Because we cannot have “opinions” on deeper issues, anymore? What’s the matter with you? “You can’t say THAT?!” Uhh… YES I CAN. And I will, for whomever is interested, because there IS a way to defeat this evil, and many more flavors of the same, flowing that freely all around us? We had BETTER have some way to stand up and FIGHT, if necessary? It is often with the PEN, one may fight. It is often with a letter. In my case, it shall be with a MICROPHONE, and I will do my fighting in front of the WHOLE WORLD.” -Alex DePue


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