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Electric Violin

GLASSER. The Only Name in Violin Bows… and now VIOLINS, TOO!

Alex DePue | October 18, 2019

Violinist Alex DePue says,


“In short, I tooootally recommend for others the new Glasser line of elec. violins.

So, the reason for that is pretty simple… I was involved with the whole process, from the very beginning until the final launch of Mr. Glasser’s new fiddles. Everything was taken into consideration with regard to playability… the space afforded to the bow when crossing strings, for example, for both the four-string model, and also the five-string, we made several adjustments in this dept. before calling it done.


We also covered the height of the bridge, and the “action” for the left hand to appreciate… it’s ridiculously playable, and I feel very much responsible for the success in that area, too. If someday, Mr. Glasser keeps the same settings we managed early on, and did something newer and perhaps more creative with the body of the instrument, thus creating more visual excitement? That would be great to see one day, but when it comes down to the “meat and potatoes” of what we might consider the “perfect” and/or “perfectly PLAYABLE” fiddle? The Glasser fiddle wins.

So… and of those options available currently to the elec. violinist, my answer is indeed, still GLASSER. Plus the fiddle is very affordable, too… and for the first time ever, we have all of the electronics hidden within the chinrest, so it’s also a very clean look. If you use a wireless system, then even better. We made adjustments in this category too… like the tone knob, for example. At first, there was no point even including the tone knob, as it initially didn’t even affect those frequencies needed to fully appreciate whatever changes in tone we would hear by turning that knob. So, and after a couple tries in the electronic dept for that violin? It’s now perfect. Yeah… I would nominate the Glasser elec/acoustic violin for anyone serious about having a beautifully PLAYABLE electric fiddle.” -Alex DePue


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    Alex DePue - Violin

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